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Patent Management Software Key Features

Patent Management Software

Patent Management Software is a system which provides its user with the power to manage the patent cases efficiently, management of due deadlines can be met accurately and a centralized case repository can be created, but you can also keep record of outside India. Records of due submission, opposition, renewal applications, Examination compliance and PCT filling can be kept.

Patent Management Software manages the following set of cases under patent :

  • Indian Patent Application
  • Conventional Application
  • National Phase In India
  • National Phase Outside India
  • PCT
  • Patent of Addition

Case Management
The Intellectual Property Management Software has the following set of modules to manage different levels of working during the progress of case.

  • Manage Case Details
  • Details of Company Profile or applicants, Inventors, Signatories and various application dates.
  • Allocate Work and Alert Tracking for due work with due dates.
  • Cover letter Management with template designer to create letters as per your formats
  • Form Management to store all your forms and their submission due dates.
  • Hearing Module to track and prepare schedulers of due hearing
  • Order management to store the orders received at various stages.
  • Client document management to organize the client documents under various user defined categories.
  • Patent Fees Receipt Management to keep track and accounts of all the receipt received from Patent Office.
  • Publication management to store the patent publishing details.
  • Manage Billing module to manage the billing of various task e.g. filling charges and fees paid to patent office.
  • Examination Report module to store the received examination report and its compliances.
  • History Management in case of foreign filling to have a completely free flow of case working where complete tracking can be done as per user’s specification.
  • Drawing & Abstract Management to store all the drawing and abstract for the filling.
  • Opposition Management to manage opposition against the filed application, track their reply due dates and manage their hearing.
  • Renewal Management on the basis of case certificate, with deadline alerts.
  • Grant Details Certificates
  • Application Abandon with storage facility
  • Bot facility to fetch case status from Patent website

Patent Management Software provides you with report generation facility to track the working of the complete organization, maintain list of all due submission and track the status of the cases. The list of reports is as follows :

  • Case Summary Report
  • Hearing Report
  • Due Renewal Report
  • Fees Receipt
  • Billing Invoice Report
  • Form Submissions
  • Allocated work
  • Inward / Outward Report
  • Payment Collection and Due Payment Report
  • Form due filling Report
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